Let the light pierce through the darkness Close all old accounts, turn a new leaf Re-learn that old lesson of friendship Kill nor be killed, settle for lessening Amidst us of this fossilized hatred


Perhaps that time has not come yet when our, Gods would listen to the beats in our hearts, peace and happiness spread their glow, perhaps we would have to force Mother Time?.


Wikinews’ overview of the year 2008

Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Also try the 2008 World News Quiz of the year.

What would you tell your grandchildren about 2008 if they asked you about it in, let’s say, 20 years’ time? If the answer to a quiz question was 2008, what would the question be? The year that markets collapsed, or perhaps the year that Obama became US president? Or the year Heath Ledger died?

Let’s take a look at some of the important stories of 2008. Links to the original Wikinews articles are in all the titles.

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Paul McCartney slams Chinese fur practices, rules out future concerts in China

Paul McCartney slams Chinese fur practices, rules out future concerts in China

Monday, November 28, 2005

Legendary musician Sir Paul McCartney has boycotted China in response to a preview of BBC news footage that was filmed undercover at a fur market in Guangzhou, China. The footage, some of which is to air during BBC’s Six O’Clock News at 18:00 GMT on November 28, 2005, shows animals (particularly dogs and cats) being thrown from the top of buses and being dropped into boiling water. McCartney’s wife, Heather, also watched the footage and alleged that some footage she had seen clearly showed that the animals were alive when they were skinned. The footage, which was filmed by an investigator connected to the animal rights group PETA, shows cats squirming in a bag before being thrown into boiling water, and then skinned in a laundrette drier-like machine.

McCartney slammed the practices, saying, “It’s like something out of the Dark Ages. And they seem to get a kick out of it. They’re just sick, sick people,” referring to the apparent smiles and laughter of the workers handling the animals as they are killed.

He and his wife called for a boycott of Chinese goods, adding that this was unacceptable behaviour from the nation to host the next Olympics.

However, the Chinese Ambassador to London’s spokesperson said that China is not to blame. “The fur trade mostly feeds markets in the US and Europe. This fur is not consumed in China. So the Americans and Europeans should accept the blame.”

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Wood Working Tools And Their Uses

More Detail Here:

By Byron Branfield

Ever wondered how in gods green earth some of the furniture around us gets made? Ever wanted to be able to do it yourself? Do you love the look and feel of real wood furniture? Now is the time to learn how to make your own furniture with the proper wood working tools. A properly equipped wood shop that has all the right tools will allow you to create awesome furniture and other unique projects.

One of the most basic power tools for the wood shop/shed is also one of the most versatile, the table saw. A table saw is an excellent investment for your wood shop because you will use it for almost every project/assignment that you work on. It is important to buy the best table saw that you can afford as it is a tool that you will use for many years to come.

Also a very popular tool for a wood shop is a band saw (although very underrated). With a band saw you can do a variety of things such as cutting circles, ripping wood, doing cross cuts, cutting joints, and re-cutting wood.

YouTube Preview Image

Many people do not think of the band saw as a necessary tool for the wood shop. However, the band saw is one of the most underrated and under used tools of the shop. If you know of all of the uses for a band saw, you will be amazed at how useful it can be. In fact, many experienced wood workers find that the band saw is one of their favourite tools and a must have for any wood shop.

When you are working with wood and working off of a wood working pattern, it is of course imperative to have a good selection of measuring tools. In any wood shop you will need to measure, adjust, check and re measure before you cut as to avoid restarting the entire project because of laziness ;-). So it is important that you invest in a quality measuring tape, as well as a wooden stick ruler (any will do as long as it is big enough), a right angle in order to get the proper and accurate measurements.

A router is also a fabulous tool for any wood shop because by using a router you will have a wide variety of router bits to choose from to create a number of different looks for any wood working project. Using a router you can create a professional polished look to any project.

A drill press or a drill is also a great tool to have in your work shop as part of your package. You will also use a drill to drill out screw holes for any furniture project that you make. Using a drill you can counter sink the screw holes to create a beautifully finished look.

Of course you will also want a variety of other tools as you start to delve into some projects (what man wouldnt?). As you become more accustomed to your wood shop and begin venturing into more complex projects you will begin adding to your arsenal of tools. When you start adding tools to your shop, some of the items that might be of use to you are a thickness planer, radial arm saw, sanders and chisels.

About the Author: Byron Branfield




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Asbestos victims file 6.6 billion yen class action lawsuit in Tokyo"">

Asbestos victims file 6.6 billion yen class action lawsuit in Tokyo

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Construction workers and next of kin of deceased workers filed a lawsuit in Tokyo, Japan Friday seeking damages of approximately 6.6 billion yen (about US$64 million) from the government and manufacturers related to illnesses stemming from exposure to asbestos. 178 plaintiffs; including construction workers and family members filed the suit in Tokyo District Court against 46 building manufacturers and the Government of Japan.

According to the Mainichi Daily News, the class action suit is the first that has been filed in Japan related to health damages caused by asbestos exposure at construction sites. The plaintiffs hail from the Japanese prefectures of Tokyo, Saitama and Chiba.

The plaintiffs claim that the government and manufacturers knew of the dangers of asbestos inhalation but failed to take proper precautions, including ceasing to promote asbestos as a cheap fire retardant and banning production of the material.

They state that after inhaling asbestos in the workplace, 172 people have developed lung cancer or mesothelioma, and that almost half of those afflicted are now dead. Plaintiffs argue that the government and health ministry did not act quickly enough after international organizations issued warnings in 1972 that asbestos could be a carcinogen.

Plaintiffs also place blame with the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry for sanctioning the use of asbestos under Japanese Industrial Standards, and with the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport for approving the use of materials comprised of asbestos and other substances under Japan’s Building Standards Law.

We will do our utmost until we win the suit.

“We will do our utmost until we win the suit,” said Kazuo Miyajima, 78, who heads the group of plaintiffs. Lawyers for the plaintiffs released a statement saying: “We seek complete relief for the victims by clarifying the liability of the state and the manufacturers.”

Approximately 40 construction workers from Kanagawa Prefecture plan to file a similar lawsuit in June in Yokohama District Court.

After a 2005 revelation that residents who lived near a factory in Amagasaki, Hyogo Prefecture developed diseases related to asbestos, the government implemented a law in 2006 which provides monetary assistance to asbestos victims and relatives of deceased family members. The plaintiffs argue that the amount of financial assistance given to families and victims of asbestos-related diseases is not sufficient.

Asbestos has been used in Japan as a fire retardant, for sound absorption, and for insulation. It was mixed in concrete and water and sprayed on walls and ceilings, but the practice of spraying asbestos in this manner was banned in Japan in 1975.

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Massive earthquake hits Indonesia, no tsunami risk"">

Massive earthquake hits Indonesia, no tsunami risk

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

An 8.6 magnitude earthquake occurred off the Indonesian coast at 08:38:37 UTC today, causing a tsunami watch to be issued over the entire Indian Ocean.

According to the U.S. Geological Survey, the quake struck at a point 308 miles (495 km) southwest of Banda Aceh, the provincial capital, located on the northern extremity of the country’s Sumatra island, at a depth of 20.5 miles (33 km). Local media reports suggest that people in Sumatra fled from their homes and offices in fear. The 8.6 quake was followed by a quake measuring 8.2 on the Richter Scale.

The Pacific Tsunami Warning Center (PTWC) advised authorities to “take appropriate action”, stating that they were not aware whether a tsunami had occurred yet. The earthquake, initially believed to be 8.9 on the Richter Scale was later revised to be an 8.7 and finally an 8.6 quake. In reaction to the earthquake, the Indonesian disaster management agency noted that power had been shut down in Aceh. Moreover, people were being warned by sirens of the danger and were going to higher ground. Agency spokesman Sutopo said: “The electricity is down, there are traffic jams to access higher ground. Sirens and Koran recitals from mosques are everywhere.”

In its report, the PWTC issued a tsunami watch for 28 countries, including, but not limited to Indonesia, India, Sri Lanka, Australia, Myanmar, Thailand, Maldives, United Kingdom, Malaysia, Mauritius, Singapore, Bangladesh, miscellaneous Indian Ocean islands, Pakistan, Somalia, Oman, Iran, Bangladesh, Kenya, South Africa and Mozambique. They mentioned that “[e]arthquakes of this size have the potential to generate a widespread destructive tsunami that can affect coastlines across the entire Indian Ocean basin.”

The tsunami warnings were initially issued for Indonesia after the 8.6 earthquake and later issued for a further two hours after the 8.2 earthquake hit the Aceh province. The watch was lifted for Myanmar, Australia and Malaysia. Later, India too ended its tsunami watch, with a scientist at the Indian tsunami warning center noting that “the danger has passed”.

Earlier, the tremors were felt as far away as Bangkok in Thailand and south India, particularly in Bangalore and Chennai. According to locals, people left their buildings in Bangalore on feeling the tremors. The Indian National Centre for Ocean Information Service issued a red high-level warning for the Andaman and Nicobar Islands. The southeastern coasts of Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu were put on lower warnings. According to Sky News, people residing near the coast were asked to move away from the sea in India. The tremors there reached upto the northern city of Kolkata. Kolkata and its surrounding areas felt tremors, also felt in North 24 Parganas and the town of Siliguri in the same state. Several people rushed out of their office as windows and doors rattled due to the quake, while some buildings developed cracks. Metro Rail services were suspended in the city, and people were asked to leave the stations.

Similar warnings were issued by the governments in Sri Lanka, where mild tremors were experienced at Colombo. The tsunami warning was however lifted after 6 p.m. local time. But the government advised people not to go close to the sea. Smith Dhamasoroja, of the National Disaster Warning Foundation, predicted that Thailand would have to face a tsunami as the earthquake was so powerful. Thai Meteorological Department deputy chief Somchai Baimoung however stated that no warning had yet been issued. Later a warning was issued in the country and subsequently lifted. In Bangladesh, two tremors were felt. But the authorities stated there was no fear of a tsunami.

Amy Vaughn of the U.S. Geological Survey told Sky News that because the earthquake was so massive, “a large body of water is disturbed by the movement of the fault”. Therefore, since the epicenter was so close to the west coast of Sumatra, “it could be devastating for the region.” In Malaysia, high-rise buildings shook for over a minute.

Indonesia straddles the Pacific Ring of Fire, a major earthquake belt. On December 26, 2004 a 9.2-magnitude earthquake in the same area triggered massive tsunami waves, killing almost 220,000 people.

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What Is Influencer Marketing?}

More Detail Here:

Submitted by: Advertising Agencies Dubai

No need to get confused by the term. We have been using this tool for marketing for ages now, only there has been no official space for it till the recent years.

As the name defines, this type of marketing is mainly derived by influence. This trend has been big in 2016 and is all set to grow even bigger in 2017. Digital media marketing dubai vastly generates a lot of positive response from Influencer marketing. They are paid, either in form of gifts (products that they are promoting) or monetarily. Plus the dissemination of message to customers is important but this type of marketing mainly highlights the influencer and the celebrity status that he/she enjoys.

What is it?

Influencer marketing is a form of marketing that concentrates on using important cream of the crop to drive your brands communication to the bigger market. Rather than publicizing directly to an outsized group of customers, you instead inspire / hire / pay influencers to get out the word for you.

It mainly works through Social Media Marketing dubai or content marketing. The influencer needs to have any sort of social media platform through which he/she can spread the word about the brand or any topic or issue. Both social media and content marketing are a part of influencer media but it may not rely completely on just one. The content produced can either be from the influencer himself/herself or generated by the marketing brains of the brand advertising agency dubai.

YouTube Preview Image

Is it Word-of-Mouth Marketing?

No, but it is a sub part of it. Obviously in order to communicate, interpersonal communication has to take place and word of mouth marketing dubai is basically that. However, in order to do influencer marketing, the influencer needs to use the methods of interpersonal communication or word of the mouth marketing it is not the other way around.

Digital media marketing dubai vastly generates a lot of positive response from Influencer marketing. They are paid, either in form of gifts (products that they are promoting) or monetarily. Plus the dissemination of message to customers is important but this type of marketing mainly highlights the influencer and the celebrity status that he/she enjoys.

Is it Advocate marketing?

No. In advocate marketing the sentiment of loyalty is generated in the consumer, i.e. who are already a consumer of the respective brand.

Through Influencer Marketing, new audience is added to the brand, those who in future might mature to become loyalists of the brand.

Key components:

Here are a few steps through which influencer marketing works:

The identification for a suitable influencer for your brand or product

Generate and execute a marketing strategy that includes those influencers

Execute a secondary marketing plan, especially for the influencers, so the message and brand image can be promoted via their channels and content and to their audience.

Track key metrics linking to reach, sales and brand awareness.

Influencer marketing is a form of marketing that concentrates on using important cream of the crop to drive your brands communication to the bigger market. Rather than publicizing directly to an outsized group of customers, you instead inspire / hire / pay influencers to get out the word for you.

About the Author: Established since 2000 Time N Space Media LLC. Time N Space Media LLC is a video productions house with offices and studios in Dubai and UAE, Best Advertising Agency in Dubai, Commercial TVC Maker, Advertising Agencies, Media planning and Buying, Digital Media Marketing Dubai, Creative Advertising, 2D and 3D Animation Services.




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Australian Government proposes amendments to Racial Discrimination Act"">

Australian Government proposes amendments to Racial Discrimination Act

Friday, March 28, 2014

The Australian Federal Government has proposed repealing sections of the Racial Discrimmination Act that make it unlawful to “offend, insult, humiliate or intimidate” another person or group based on race.

Attorney-General George Brandis said during question time in the Australian Senate that amending section 18C of the Racial Discrimation Act 1975 was in the interest of freedom of speech, saying: “In a free country people do have rights to say things that other people find offensive or insulting or bigoted.”

The Government is proposing to retain intimidation due to race as an offence and create a new law making it illegal to “vilify another person” based on “race, colour or national or ethnic origin.”

…we also want this country to be a nation where freedom of speech is enjoyed.

Prime Minister Tony Abbott supported the proposed amendment, saying: “Of course this Government is determined to try to ensure that Australia remains a free and fair and tolerant society, where bigotry and racism has no place. But we also want this country to be a nation where freedom of speech is enjoyed.”

Members of the Opposition have spoken against the proposed amendment, with Shadow Attorney-General Mark Dreyfus saying “Senator Brandis has clearly revealed today he intends to give a green light to racist hate speech in Australia.”

Indigenous Liberal MP Ken Wyatt expressed concern over the legislation, and warned he could vote against his own party. “For me, it is about not disabling a mechanism that makes people think carefully about the vilification of anyone or any group because they know there is a deterrent,” said Wyatt.

The proposed draft will undergo community consultation for a month, with Senator Brandis welcoming alterations, “I am acutely aware of the importance that in protecting freedom of speech, we don’t send the wrong messages. I want as much community engagement as possible”. The legislation will be introduced to the Parliament of Australia in the budget session when it resumes on May 13.

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Canada’s Etobicoke North (Ward 1) city council candidates speak"">

Canada’s Etobicoke North (Ward 1) city council candidates speak

This exclusive interview features first-hand journalism by a Wikinews reporter. See the collaboration page for more details.

Monday, October 30, 2006

On November 13, Torontoians will be heading to the polls to vote for their ward’s councillor and for mayor. Among Toronto’s ridings is Etobicoke Centre (Ward 3). One candidate responded to Wikinews’ requests for an interview. This ward’s candidates include Francis Ahinful, Ted Berger, Anthony Caputo, Suzan Hall (incumbent), Andre Lucas, Rosemarie Mulhall, Brian Prevost, and Sonali Verma.

For more information on the election, read Toronto municipal election, 2006.

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